The power of content writing in Social media – Brand building

As per the research, 40% of the world’s population remains active on Social media. Due to dense traffic on the social media platforms, nearly 90% of the businesses build their presence on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram for advertising and marketing of their products and services and brand popularity. Once you are aware of the power of social media you get to know about your stuff and your next move. Social media is the strongest platform that can help brand awareness, lead generation and customer retention and your exceptional social media content writing skills can get the ball rolling.

You can create the following content for your social media posts to make your brand stand out as the success of your business is entirely dependent on the type of content you create that can add value to your customer experience. Hence effective and high performing content on the social media platforms can be your game-changer as social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram is considered as the best marketing tools for any type of written content.

Tip 1 – Always create the type of content that’s accurate basis the type of platform your choose be it in the form of short snippet or a long article but customers generally like to read short and small piece of advertisement content and not lengthy or convoluted sentences.

Tip 2 – Video stories give a glimpse of your business that turns out to be an engaging experience for the audience by attracting new people to your account.

Tip 3 – Keep a thought-provoking question for your followers to take action, always remember a desirable response is always wanted but avoid asking too many actions.

Tip 4 – Well curated research can certainly make you an ace writer. Write in such a manner so that your posts can resonate with your audience.

Tip 5 – Use hashtags in your post-write-ups on Twitter and Instagram and write in such a manner so that your audience feels that they are being heard.

Make sure to end your writing with CTAs (Call to action) like Learn more, or watch now etc to pique interest. 

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