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Make yourself a priority

Never stop loving yourself 

Someone rightly said that “If you love yourself, then you can love anyone in the world”. We have programmed our minds since we were born. We respect elders, listen to our parents/teachers, but how many times have we really thought about practising self-love? It seems an arduous task. Isn’t it? It’s high time we keep on thinking about others like family, parents, kids, colleagues and the spouse, etc. But, now it’s time to think about yourself. It’s time to make yourself the priority.

Why do we ignore spending some time with ourselves? 

Here are 5 ways on how you can practice Self-love?

1.) Define what’s holding you back.

 It becomes so much easier when we know the problem. What do you think it is really that’s holding you back from loving yourself? Why are you not able to make it your priority? Try to sit in silence and come out with the solution.

2.) Heal yourself.

There’re so many things happening around us all day. We get upset when things seem to be messy. We get hurt by the tone of our relations. And, there are unplanned situations that we come across. You should keep some time aside for yourself to heal properly. D what you love the most. It’s time to identify what your interest area is. You must try to spend a minimum of 1 hr every day to do what you most enjoy. It might be reading a book, writing, meditating, painting, dancing and planning for the vacation, etc. You’ll find how your soul becomes happy and you’ll heal automatically. Let go of the past and start with a new journey each day.

3.) Learn to say ‘No’.

We always find time for others to help them. But we often forget that we’re our priority. I understand saying no to others might be difficult for a few, but it’s beneficial to you. You shouldn’t overthink and you should value your time. If you take out time for self-love, you’ll get a lot of time to do more things that you want to do.

4.)  Set Goals.

Again, it’s the most important part. If you know what your short-term and long-term goals are, it is the first step you’ve taken so far in practising self-love. Setting goals will help you achieve what you desire. It’ll motivate you at every step. You can make a vision board and visualize it every day to get things done.

5.) Let go of any negative beliefs about Self-Love.

Last, but not least. Self-love is not selfish, but it’s a necessity. One must let go of the negative belief that self-love is unrealistic. There’s nothing like that. Everything is possible if you do it from your heart. Just try to make up your mind and you’ll see how things are changing for the better.

You can check out the most renowned book “Heal yourself” by Louis Hay. Also, check out one of my favourite books, “I love myself” by Vandana Sehgal.  

Here is a few affirmations on self-love that you can practice every day.

  1. I accept myself the way I look.
  2. I accept myself unconditionally.
  3. I love myself.
  4. I am at peace with myself.
  5. I embrace who I am.
  6. I am perfect, just as I am.
  7. I love everything about me.
  8. I am enough.
  9. I am Cheerful.
  10. I am constantly becoming the best version of myself.

Kindly share in the comment box below: How do you practice self-love? What do you love about yourself?

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