The Importance of reading, aspect of life, feelings, and fear – By Author Maanas Nayak

Consider Books as human beings; one must respect them as the same. You must listen to them and learn from them whatever they have to tell you. So whenever you get one, keep it safe and try to know all the things it has to tell you. I like books because they are more honest than most people. They are just the kind of friends you need. They never leave you, even when they are not with you. Their messages, lessons, experiences stay for a long time with you in your mind. In life, whatever book you read, whatever game you play, whatever job you do. Do it seriously and with honesty. Because of all the things you are going to do, it will be for your benefit. You are the one to grow with it. So give your hundred per cent in everything and do it while being optimistic, with a smiling face. For example, what does the game Chess mean to me? Every game I play is like reading a different book every time. Each game has a different story to tell. And for the time being, I’m part of it and I like that thing. Getting lost in another world, forgetting the rest, for the time being.

What is work? Work is an opportunity for learning new things; It makes you grow because you learn a lot from it. Take care of yourself. Be presentable and optimistic, Work hard, sleep well, eat well. Never ignore the things you like to do, like your hobbies and always be good with your studies, your schoolwork; It must be complete.

Let me tell you one thing about feelings. Feelings can be a very strong force that can mend or break you in life. They cannot be expressed in words; they have to be shown through your actions, because when you feel strongly about something or someone; devote yourself completely to them. You get it, you will get them. There is a great chance you get the things you desire because you feel about it. But if you don’t; you get hurt. You even get hurt after getting them; when they are lost. There will come a thousand times when you’ll get hurt in life; it will feel like everything is over. But it’s not; it’s not the end of the world. It’s going to be okay. Just remember that everybody in life gets hurt, some time or another. But once they endure it, they start to move on. They become stronger with each affliction they go through. Once my friend told me when we don’t get things that we desire the most or when we lose them; it just means it’s making space for something better. It’s just like you cannot have space for everything in your room. Sometimes, you have to adjust; sometimes, you have to get rid of the old stuff, to make space for the new. Life is just the same.

While talking of feelings and emotions; fear is the worst of all. Never fear anything; never be afraid of anything. It is a bad thing to experience or even get into the mind. Coz fear leads to anger; anger leads to hatred; hatred leads to suffering, and suffering leads to the dark side. We cannot run from having attachments; it’s good to have them in life. Just remember you were born to experience all the good things in life but you will have to experience bad also. It’s just like the Day and Night, the Sweet and Sour; just like sweet is not so sweet without the sour. Once you lose them; I know it’s bad. But one must not get mad about it; you must accept it just like it’s a fact. Coz life isn’t a fairytale. No matter how strong you are; it will come and knock you down. But it’s not about how hard you get hit; it’s about getting up on your feet again and keep moving forward. You’ll get busted again and again, and there is only one answer; Get up and keep moving forward. There’s no turning back.

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