Role of Artificial Intelligence in the sphere of Content Writing

It goes without saying, the integration of AI in every aspect of life and work has been intense so is in the world of content writing. Content creation is a time-consuming process be it creating professional content or creative content. However, the process has been expedited with the employment of various AI tools that is creating a huge impact in the life of the content writers but that does not imply a complete replacement of human writers in the world of content writing creation.

The following things cannot be entirely getting the job done by Artificial Intelligence. They are:

– Entirely original content can never be created with AI.

– Emotions, passions, skills, tones, experiences and knowledge can never compete with AI writing technology that every inch of writing content helps in establishing connections with the audiences.

– The new ideas can only be brought up by human writers with feelings and emotions and that cannot be done with AI writing tools. The brand value and the tone related to it can only be spoken by the human writers and not the AI tools.

– Empathizing with the audience is the most crucial factor so that the pain point can be better understood by the human writers and that is never possible for AI writing technology.

So we can say that though the world is observing the greatest advancement in technology and but still there is a question that whether AI can successfully replace human writers but it can definitely serve as assisting resources for every writer who writes in different niches.

So what do you think? Can AI completely replace human writers?

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