Sonali Sharma, teenager turns out to be an educator.

Sonali, a teenage girl from a small town in Mumbai, called Dahanu is an author of three books, a freelancer managing her own business, and a mentor guiding people to kick start their writing and content creation as well as freelance journey. She also consults people and guides them virtually and personally to establish freelance businesses.

She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in accounts and finance. She is an ICWA aspirant. At the age of 19 holds two best-selling books of hers. She has been awarded several literary awards. In November 2020 she was honored with the Young Achievers Award by the Indian Achievers Forum. Indeed at such a young age, she is now educating others in different aspects. She has also launched her two courses which educate about the basics of novel writing and a guide to start and establish your own blog. She will be seen to come up with more courses in the near future. She also takes up workshops, seminars, and webinars for the same. She believes sharing knowledge is the most powerful tool that can be productively implemented to bring out the best within the person and cumulatively result in the development of an individual personality along with the society as a whole.

Sonali has always been a self-learner. Being a learner always and being an admirer of books and education, she had a core desire to spread the word for education. She wanted to educate people and share knowledge. She believes in serving people with knowledge. Knowledge is a power that can transform a person and upgrade him. 

We all witnessed some drastic changes past two years. Post-COVID leads us into the world of digitalization. Each and every one of us is now so much connected to the online world that it has become a part and parcel of our life. Everything is now accessible online. She got an idea why not start sharing knowledge and educate people in the same field. She thought, “If I can attend my college lectures online, why can’t I start teaching then?”

This made her think about her plan deeply. And the rest we know, she has launched her two courses and many more to come. She also mentors people personally (1:1) in their writing journey and freelance basics.

Youths are an asset to the nation and young students like her prove the statement correct! Being an author of two Bestselling books and an educator, a Solopreneur managing her own business is just a student who is pursuing her bachelor’s degree! It’s good to see youths like Sonali taking a step ahead to bring a change around and create a healthy society.

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