No encounter with the chalks, no conversation with the board, the stack of copies are sights of yore for they don a new avatar of a warrior, the dispellers of darkness…. behind a screen delivering lessons. Who knew we all will have a visitor who would storm our lives and define the word normal in a new way. Welcomed we a time when we worked from home and for home.

If there is a word beyond warriors they deserved that….When the entire world was combating the deadly Covid 19, some modest workers unflinchingly became the unsung heroes ensuring a seamless transfer of knowledge to the remote corners of the city for a child who awaited his class lessons every morning. Their nights were painted with their encounters with almost new educational sites almost every day to make teaching interactive, earlier so easily categorised as the IT Department’s prerogative…

Teachers are not a homogeneous group. The group comprises the freshers, experts with technology, quadragenarian, quinquagenarian, sexagenarian who have very limited exposure to it. The pandemic made them go online in a day. The metamorphosis from digitally unlettered to digitally sound took almost no time for these zealous ones. Right from arming themselves with the technical acumen, infinite patience, and the spirit to ameliorate to working up late at night without burnout, the teachers proved their might and reasserted that their might cannot be undermined. Forgot they about their biological family and worked untiringly for their extended family and will continue to do so without any expectation of acknowledgment or appreciation, these dispellers of darkness certainly deserve our standing ovation.

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