Count yourself on the top with world-class content writing – By Susmita Gupta

There are thousands of articles that get published all around the world in multiple genres. What is the rank of your article? Make your content readable and count your post on the top with 5 methods that will undoubtedly make you a top-class content writer and shine like a beacon in a sea of words.

1. Be a thorough reader.

If you want to make yourself stand apart from the crowd you must be aware of what your competitors are doing. Read the contents and articles of other writers that compel you. Reading about the contents written by other writers will polish you in your niche. At the same time always lookout on great ideas and present everything uniquely. Collect valuable insights from other writers but produce your own content.

2. Research the topic thoroughly before writing any blog or article

Researching about any content does not mean copy until you finish the draft. Start with a strategy but don’t dive into heavy research until you are stuck into something. Research helps you to proactively clear any blockages in the process of your finishing the draft and help you to stay on track.

3. Try to incorporate SEO best practices

SEO is a vast concept but in terms of content writing, you have to take care of the following things that may either break your content or make your content. In the first place make sure to present a compelling title with keywords so that your article is read by multiple readers and this way it can rank your blog post or article on the top. Secondly, keep short paragraphs so that your articles are skimmable with subheadings. Thirdly, use backlinks to generate more page views and gather more organic viewers. Fourthly, write plagiarism free content with updated and fresh content.

4. Hook your readers with a wow beginning

The wow factor in your content is going to drive you to more organic traffics. But before you start with anything understand your audience and take your current audience into account. The language of your content should be clear, confident and communicative. Every sentence should be clearly focused with soft tone. Word choice should be high class but not technical and ambiguous. Always remember it’s all about communication and the way you communicate will get the job done.

5. Search for the right mentor

If the above 4 points seem to be found a bit complex by you then it’s the time you must seek guidance from a writing expert and a mentor who can guide you and master your skills and your abilities. Always remember it’s about your reputation, better be proactive and kick start once learned properly than making yourself a mere of the joke. Writing is a creativity and all you need at most is just the guidance that will help you produce polished content.

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